Tier 2 Word of the Week

Our tier two word of the week is fluctuates. It means for a number or an amount to go up and down.

For example… The rainfall for each month fluctuates.

Please have a go at writing your own sentence for ‘fluctuates.’ I wonder how descriptive and interesting your sentence can be.

When you get a chance, please post your sentence to the blog.

Emotive Words

POSITIVE EMOTIVE WORDS – excited, happy, wonderful, excellent, fantastic, joyful, superb, magnificent, amazing, amazed, delighted and fabulous.

NEGATIVE EMOTIVE WORDS – disgusted, appalling, disgraceful, furious, horrible, miserable, revolting, awful, atrocious, frightening, horrified, rotten, disappointed, terrible, shocked, disgusting and dangerous.

All of the these words can be used to help describe feelings. Emotive words are fantastic to help persuade readers of an opinion. For example, it disgusts me that tigers are kept in awful cages that do not resemble their natural habitat.

Can you think of any other emotive words. If you can post them in a comment under this blog.

Tier 2 Word – Week 7

Our tier two word for this week is sniggered.

Sniggered means to laugh in a mean way towards another person.

An example of sniggered being used in a sentence is… The boys sniggered at him behind his back.

Remember you need to write a sentence with the word sniggered in it. Try and make your sentence as descriptive as possible.

Tier 2 Word – Week 6

Our grade’s tier 2 word for this week is migrate. Please have a go at putting this word in the most descriptive sentence that you can produce. Try to remember to use powerful adjectives and synonyms.

Migrate meanings – 

  1. Where an animal moves from one area/habitat to a new area/habitat.
  2. Where a person moves from one country to another.

Homework – Week 5

Your homework for week 5 is to write our tier two word (effortlessly) into the most descriptive sentence possible. Remember that effortlessly means to do something without really trying. Most of you have had a go at completing a hand written sentence, can you please also put your sentence onto the blog underneath this post. The sentence needs to be completed by Friday 29th February.

The second part of your homework is to finish your snapshot seed on the Tasmanian bushfires. Refer to the post below to help you unpack this seed.

Homework – Week 4 / Tier 2 Word Of The Week

Your tier 2 word of the week is frantically. This word was used in the book Toad Away, written by Paul Jennings. This is the sentence that used the word in the book, “He squeezed out from under Goliath and signalled frantically to Charm to come and help”.

The word frantically means to act in a manner that is hurried, stressed, chaotic, terrified or excited.

Your first home work task for the week is to try and write the most descriptive sentence or paragraph that uses the word frantically. You will need to post that sentence as a comment under this post. Make sure you revise and proofread your sentence/paragraph before posting the comment. If you do not have access to the internet at home you can write your sentence/paragraph on a piece of paper and then write it as a comment on the blog at school. This will be due on Friday 22nd of February.

Other homework tasks you may complete include working on finishing quality seeds in your writers’ notebook. Remember you need to complete 10 quality seeds before drafting. A quality seed is one that has unpacked all of your thoughts and ideas about the chosen topic and can be turned into a genre of writing. Your seeds should also use some powerful language such as replacing boring words with synonyms. Remember you can also comment on our science experiment post below.