We have discussed the importance of unpacking quality seeds to unable us to complete fantastic pieces of writing. This week we are going to use some media (image, news article and video) to assist us in unpacking a seed. We will use the headingsĀ Description (of the topic), My Opinion/s, Feeling Words and Key Facts to assist us when unpacking the seed.

Your seed is going to be based on the Western Australian Shark Cull, which has created lots of debate in WA and around the whole world. Use the media below to learn more about the topic and let it assist you in unpacking your seed. Remember to extend your thinking as much as possible when unpacking your seed.

IMG_0873 IMG_0871

5/6A’s first 100 word challenge

Today you are going to write a descriptive and powerful piece of writing based on the video and image below. You should try and use as much powerful language as possible such as:

– Synonyms

– Adjectives

– Similes

– Emotive / feeling words

– Snapshots (explain what can be seen, heard, smelt, felt and tasted)

– Complex sentences

Your piece of writing can be any type of genre, but must be planned (writers notebook) drafted, proofread and revised prior to publishing. Your piece of work can only be a maximum of 100 words, so you need to be descriptive to engage the reader and form an image in their mind.

For this piece of writing, you may write from the dog’s perspective or maybe be a narrator describing what is happening.

Your published piece will be placed in your writers’ gift and also copied as a comment underneath this post so others can read your descriptive writing.

Melbourne Graffiti Visit

Earlier in the year, our unit visited Melbourne and explored some of the city’s ally-ways, which have been covered in amazing graffiti by artists.

Many of our students then established opinions on whether graffiti should or shouldn’t be allowed. All students agreed that if graffiti was allowed it would be professionally done by artists who had been granted permits.

Below are some videos that the students made on the topic.