Fisheries Victoria Visit

Today, we were lucky enough to have a visit from the Victorian Fisheries and Wildlife. Three presenters talked to the students about the environment, legal fish sizes and species that live in our local native water areas. The students also learnt how we can preserve and protect our local environment and look after species that live near river banks.

Here are some questions that you can answer in sentences.

What did you learn from the presentation today?

What did you enjoy about the presentation?

How can we protect the local environment and the animals that live in or close to rivers?

Maths Investigation (down the drain) – Final Presentations

Following our grade’s maths investigation, the students published their work. They have discovered that we waste a huge amount of water from dripping taps and from leaving taps running while we are brushing our teeth.

During this investigation, students needed to record data, present data in a line graph, analyse data and used subtraction and multiplication.

Water Inquiry Presentation

The 5/6 unit today had their inquiry presentation. The students showed off what they have learnt following nine inquiry days based on water.

Students presented their learnings via created websites, an SQ3R glogster, videos, information reports, explanations, mind maps, models, voice-threads and wordles.

Below are some images from the inquiry presentation.

What did you think of the inquiry presentation?

What did you learn about water?