Commenting on the blog…

Today you are going to write a comment on the blog. Throughout the year you will complete many blog comments and it is important you learn how to comment properly.

When you post a blog comment it is very important that you check your spelling and grammar. Every comment must make sense and should be read through carefully before being posted.

After you have written your comment and checked it, you will need to write in your name and email address.

Your email address will be

For example: Riley’s email address will be…


Welcome to 2017…

Welcome to 3/4A and our grade’s blog for 2017.

This year we are going to work hard at becoming active learners with a positive growth mind-set. We will work hard and ensure we always respect others and treat others the way we would like to be treated. Everybody will work on improving their reading, writing, spelling, maths and inquiry skills.

If we work hard, we will also have lots of fun…

Throughout the year we will be using our blog for a range of different activities including class work, work samples, inquiry, look to learn tasks, photos, videos and homework. Our homework will begin during week 3.

It is very important that everybody learns how to comment on the blog successfully. We will be completing a blog activity later in the week.

2016 Welcome

Welcome to our grade’s blog for 2016.

Throughout the year we will be using our blog for a range of different activities including class work, work samples, inquiry, look to learn tasks, photos, videos and homework.

It is very important that everybody learns how to comment on the blog successfully.

To comment on the blog you need to follow the following steps:

  • View a post and press comment
  • Write a descriptive post in sentences/paragraphs
  • Very carefully read through your writing before posting.
  • Write you name and email address…
  • Press post comment

Today you will write a comment on the blog:

  • Introduce your self (name and age)
  • Write your interests outside of school
  • Write your favourite school subject/s
  • Write what you really want to learn this year
  • Add any other detail about yourself

The LRPS Mission

Our Mission:
The mission of Liddiard Road Primary School is to graduate students who are enthusiastic learners with the ability to apply persistence and creativity into their everyday life. Our graduates will be cooperative, respectful citizens who will successfully and independently contribute to and function within society. LRPS’ students will be self-motivated to achieve success in their academic endeavours, will have the ability to problem solve, adapt to and meet the challenges of the 21st century. Our students will be proud of their achievements and demonstrate resilience and initiative whilst achieving their personal best, having self-belief that they have the ability to achieve greatness.

What is the purpose of a mission?
What does the mission mean for our class and our school?

Welcome 2015

Welcome to the 2015 school year. This year promises to be a very busy year in the 3/4A classroom with lots of learning to take place. During class we will focus on writing, reading, word work, maths, science, inquiry topics as well as using ICT tools and studying special days and events. Outside our classroom all students will participate in Physical Education, Art, ICT and Library sessions once a week.

During term 1 we have lots planned, including a swimming carnival this coming Monday, swimming lessons for two weeks, athletics sports and the middle unit camp during the second last week of the term.

Homework will be given out weekly and all students will be expected to complete their homework along with three nights reading each week. Your home reading will be recorded in your student diaries, which can also be used for some parent/teacher communication.

Our grade will also regularly use our class blog. Many pieces of information, images, videos, work samples, tasks and homework will shared on this blog. All students will regularly post detailed comments to the blog and all comments need to be thoroughly read and checked before you press the post button. All students need to make sure their writing makes sense and their spelling is correct.

Today you will complete your first comment underneath this post. You will each introduce your self, write down your strengths at school and at least one thing that you are looking forward to this year.

5/6A Welcome – 2014

Welcome to the 2014 school year. This year will be a very busy year and I’m sure throughout the year we will have lots of fun and complete some amazing pieces of work.

This year we are lucky enough to have Mr Connelly and Miss Hoskin in our grade working with us.

We will be working hard on improving our descriptive writing, reading and maths skills as well as completing science experiments, inquiring into a range of different topics and learning about events that have happened throughout history.

We will use our blog to read information, follow links, look at interesting pictures and videos, share our amazing work and post our different ideas and thinking.

During term 1, our unit will begin an inquiry project into using social media appropriately. This inquiry will involve us making some videos, which we will download to Youtube and send to one of the local television stations.

We will have weekly homework throughout the year, which will be posted on the blog on a Sunday and due the following Friday. Each grade will be doing the same homework.

There will also be a camp during term 4. Our unit will be heading off to Coonawarra for 3 nights. There will be more information about this camp later in term 1.

It is important that throughout the year everyone respects each other and tries their best at everything and make sure you ask questions if you are unsure about anything.

Mr Andrew

Welcome to 5/6A 2013

Welcome to 5/6A’s blog for 2013. I hope every one has enjoyed their holidays. This blog will be used daily by our grade to comment on posts, pictures and videos. The blog will also have tasks to complete including weekly homework activities and important information for the students. We will set up links from our blog to other web sites to assist in your learning. All students will be encouraged to use and comment on the blog as much as possible.

Mr. Andrew