Mitch Vane – Illustrator

Next week we are lucky enough to have illustrator Mitch Vane visit our school. She is going to talk to the Middle Unit on Monday.

Before she comes, it is important that we learn a little bit about her. Mitch has written a little autobiography about herself. We will read it and think about the writing structure she has used, along with any powerful words.


Story Box

Homework… Week 3

This week for homework you will add adjectives to a list of nouns below to describe the nouns.

Your homework will be due by this Friday.

Adjectives help our writing by making it more exciting and engaging.

Example: house – haunted house… Haunted is the adjective and house is the noun.

Rewrite these nouns with an adjective in front of them.

  1. dog
  2. slide
  3. snake
  4. tree
  5. bike
  6. road
  7. boy
  8. girl
  9. table
  10. apple

You may write your homework as a post on the blog or use a printed sheet of paper to neatly write your homework.

If you are posting on the blog remember to check your post carefully, write your name and use your email address from class. Your address will be

Example: Riley’s email is

Homework: Term 4 Week 3 – Synonyms

This term for word work we have been looking at using synonyms to replace boring words to make our writing more interesting to read.

Re-write the following sentences. Replace the boring words (the underlined words) with a synonym to make the sentence sound more exciting.

  • The big dog walked around happily in the house.
  • The sad man lost the game.
  • The big group of students were happy when the loud bell went.
  • The fast cheetah ran after its prey.
  • I jumped into the cold pool.


A homophone is a word that sounds the same as another word, but has a different meaning and is spelt differently.

For example: there/their/they’re

All of these words sound the same but are spelt differently and have a different meaning. It is important we use the correct homophones when we are writing.

What homophones can you think of?

Today we will pick a homophone each and write the words into sentences.

For example:

  • The car is parked over there.
  • The family went and washed their car.
  • They’re going to the zoo.

You will then have a challenge of trying to put all of the homophones into one sentence.

Example: They’re hopping into their car over there.