Mr Andrew’s Classroom

Our School (Liddiard Road Primary School)

– Our school is located in Traralgon East, which is in the state of Victoria in Australia.

– There are about 350 students at our school.

– The specialist subjects at our school are Physical Education, Art, ICT, Library and AUSLAN.

– At our school we have a annual concert and camps for grades 3-6. We are also involved in sports days.

– Our uniform is maroon and yellow.

– Our school has 15 classes and there are 4 classes in our middle unit.

– Our school is 54 years old.

Mr Andrew

My name is Mr Andrew and I am the teacher of 3/4A and the creator of the blog. In the previous years I have taught grade 5/6 students, so many of the older posts on here are targeted for older students.

Our Grade

– We are in grade 3 and 4.

– There are currently 23 students in our grade.

– In our class we do lots of writing, reading and maths.

– We are involved in an inquiry process each term, which makes us work in groups, learn about different topics and present work in different ways.

– This is our grade’s blog and we have a blog ladder for the students with the best and most comments.

Below are images of our school.

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