Synthesising From a Nonfiction Text

Today we are going to work on synthesising. When we synthesise, we use determining importance and summarising to be able to add to or change our thinking about a topic, character or text.

For the next two weeks we are focusing on synthesising from a nonfiction text.

We need to be able to synthesise to show we understand what we read and so we learn about the topics within out texts.

To show that we have been successful at synthesising, we are going to complete the following about the texts we read:



Before reading I think…

After reading I now think…


What is erosion?

Erosion happens when rivers, oceans, ice and wind change the Earth’s shape.

What causes erosion?

The coastline is always changing shape. The water and wind batter cliff faces. Sand dunes can form when the wind blows the sand around and piles it up. Winter storms, changing weather and climate change are factors in causing erosion.

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