Look & Learn: The meaning behind Australia’s flags

All countries have flags and symbols that represent the country and their people. Two of Australia’s most important symbols are the national flag and the Aboriginal flag. What do these flags mean and why do they look the way they do.

Look at the images below and click on the link to learn more about the Australian flag and Aboriginal flag.


Complete the following tasks in as much detail as possible.

– Explain the features and meanings on the Australian flag.

– Explain the features and meanings on the Aboriginal flag.

Inquiry Presentation – Australian Culture & Identity

The whole senior unit have been working very hard on their inquiry unit during term 1. Today they were able to present their work to the rest of the school and parents. In groups students planned and designed peoplescape murals, information reports, graffiti walls, voice threads and a prezi presentation, which all captured Australia’s culture and identity.

Below are some photos from the final presentation.

Feel free to comment on the photos and explain which ones you like and why. You may also comment on what you have learnt about Australia’s culture and identity.